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2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid Atara SL Review

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2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid Atara SL Review

2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid Atara SL Review – The 2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid Atara SL is the most noteworthy determination variant of Camry’s updated half breed lineup. Its most grounded point may be that it doesn’t generally feel diverse to some other Camry – until you investigate the normal fuel utilization figure (5.9L/100km over our entire week of testing). It’s the rare excursions to the bowser that make you understand this brand new crossover innovation won’t not be the unappealing dark enchantment you at first thought it was.

A patch up of the Camry Hybrid range foreshadowed the finish of creation we’ve addressed various circumstances since it was initially declared. 2017 may be the forthcoming blind require the mainstream privately fabricated Camry, yet Toyota has guaranteed it stays as engaging as it’s dependably been. It’s not immaculate, and there’s some infotainment tech we’d get a kick out of the chance to see that isn’t there, however the Camry remains a strong entertainer in the growing medium size vehicle portion.

Urgently, supported by the noteworthy fuel effectiveness, the Camry’s solid focuses stay here in half and half frame. Space, both in the lodge and the boot is enormous. The ride is protected, fit and agreeable, particularly for those of you covering longer separations consistently. The possession proposition is strong as well, with life span guaranteed, sensible running expenses and a desire that there will be generally few upkeep issues. In conclusion, there’s the broad administration and merchant organize, which suck such a large number of into the Toyota proprietorship vortex.

Along these lines, we go up against a Camry test with specific desires and this variation will get no favors since it’s half breed either. We’ll be anticipating that it should be as strong as whatever other Camry we’ve tried as of late.

Our test Camry Hybrid is the range-topping Atara SL and in that capacity, estimating begins from $40,440 (in addition to on-streets) and there are no choices added to that cost. Indeed, even the excellent paint you see here is standard at this value point – maybe as it ought to be, truly. Given the cutting edge nature of the half and half drivetrain, it’s difficult to contend with the sticker cost.

2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid Atara SL Review
2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid Atara SL

2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid Atara SL – Lineup

I’ve generally cherished the sheer size of the Camry’s lodge, in a vehicle that still sneaks into the medium car section. In advance, there is space for even the tallest driver and traveler, with a lot of fore and behind seat change in accordance with help you get settled. Perceivability is amazing, and the main minor negative in moving the Camry around town is the turning circle, which isn’t as tight as we’d like.

The boot space is colossal and it will effortlessly stow two expansive bags, and two on-guests into the deal. The everyday routine of dragging the children’s games apparatus would be no match for the Camry’s tremendous boot, so at the end of the day, its quality as a family taxi goes to the fore.

2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid Atara SL Review

Where the Camry struggles against the opposition, is its infotainment framework. Contender frameworks, which include complex innovation, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and more instinctive controls, make the Camry feel somewhat old cap. The satellite route functions admirably, as does the Bluetooth telephone and sound gushing, however it simply doesn’t grope as to date as other portion driving frameworks.

Under the hat, you’ll discover the centerpiece of the Camry Hybrid‘s tech outfit. As has been the situation for quite a while, Toyota has proceeded with a 2.5-liter, four-chamber petrol motor, matched to a 105kW electric engine that is fueled by a nickel metal hydride battery pack. Consolidated power yield is evaluated at 151kW and 270Nm, which appears lower than what the Camry feels like it is producing in this present reality. Request that the Camry quicken quickly and the two motors function admirably to make them move at speed. There’s no torpidity to the quickening background either, a mark of a decent half and half framework.


In case you’re trundling around town, as a large portion of us do, there’s a calm modernity to the way the cross breed drivetrain gets the opportunity to work. It’s likely the principle reason Toyota lean towards petrol motors to diesel for this application as well, such is the general refinement. The ADR assert for the joined cycle is a closefisted 5.2L/100km and as specified above, we saw an arrival of only 5.9L/100km.

Two focuses merit say here. Initially, that genuine figure is deserving of note given how far away most petrol motors are from the producer’s claim. Few go anyplace close to the number that is produced under “perfect” testing conditions. Furthermore, we accomplished our 5.9L/100km figure with totally zero endeavor to drive proficiently. Indeed, as a rule, I did the inverse. I really had a ton of fun driving this Camry and all things considered, I gave it a lot of stick. Notwithstanding, it remained really productive.


Remember as well, that the fuel use we’re citing is originating from an average size car. Which, in case we’re being straightforward could without much of a stretch opening into the expansive car fragment. The Camry hybrid atara SL will convey five grown-ups in solace, has plentiful legroom in the second line, expansive seats and a wide lodge, and is legitimately agreeable over longer separations. As I’ve said a couple times in late surveys, this Camry is another case of why you shouldn’t all be hurrying out to purchase SUVs for family obligations.

The Camry has never been a well sharpened sharp dealing with apparatus, and that is not going to change with a half and half drivetrain (read: additional weight) stuffed under the sheetmetal. What it doesn’t have in altogether taking care of terms however, it more than compensates for in solace. By and large, the Camry Hybrid is tranquil, agreeable and all around mannered on-street.

2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid Atara SL Driving Performance
Driving Performance

Around town, hindrances, pot gaps and junk surfaces do nothing to disturb the lodge’s calm limits. You’ll feel the most exceedingly bad of the urban system if the suspension needs to completely pack, yet else, you’ll feel practically nothing. The directing, similar to the case, isn’t intended for input and exactness, yet the Camry isn’t the sort of vehicle you’ll need to hustle along in any case. Lodge protection is an element paying little heed to street speed, and you just hear the barest clue of twist clamor at 110km/h on the turnpike. The bigger haggles profile tires fitted to our cross breed (contrasted with the section level non-crossover variations) transmit a tad bit more street clamor into the lodge, yet it’s just recognizable on coarse-chip surfaces. On the expressway, the Camry Hybrid is the same easy cruiser we’ve generally expected of all variations, and it’s nothing unexpected it’s an organization auto and deals rep top choice. While not being an energetic entertainer, it truly lopes along the road effortlessly, making long separation scope truly simple. In the event that you have to drive from Sydney to Melbourne for instance, you’ll be open to doing it in a Camry. It’s this sort of long separation capability, that makes so a hefty portion of us regret the loss of the bigger, Aussie-constructed car, and that misfortune will be felt among those purchasers who truly do require this sort of vehicle. Our 7.5 general, where we’ve evaluated various Camry variations recently, is characteristic of a strong all-rounder. The Camry Hybrid truly doesn’t do anything seriously, indeed, it reminds everybody who drives it, of the capacities of an appropriately estimated car. There’s tremendous stockpiling, solace and effectiveness accessible here for those of you willing to venture outside the SUV square.

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