2017 Toyota Camy Altise ASV50R Price

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2017 Toyota Camy Altise ASV50R Price

2017 Toyota Camy Altise ASV50R Price – The new-era Camry will be uncovered in January and it will be the first since the 1992 V6 rendition not to be delivered in Australia. This present model – which propelled in 2012 – might close to the finish of its model cycle, yet it stays prevalent.

In light of its $26,490 (in addition to on-street costs) suggested retail cost – in spite of the fact that the authority driveaway value prods $30K, Toyota has regularly spruiked $26,990 driveaway bargains – medium-sized contenders for the Camry Altise are few. Just three cars or liftbacks approach – the $25,290 Skoda Octavia 110TSI, and the Nissan Altima ST-L and Subaru Liberty 2.5i at $29,990 each (in addition to on-street costs). A Mazda6 Sport? That is $32,490 (in addition to orc), much appreciated.

In the interim, medium SUV models perpetually ask more cash with littler 2.0-liter motors (versus a 2.5-liter here), heavier kerb weights and comparably fundamental unit.

2017 Toyota Camy Altise ASV50R review
2017 Toyota Camy Altise ASV50R

2017 Toyota Camy Altise ASV50R – Interior

Standard Equipment: keyless section, control windows and mirrors, multi-work trip PC, manual aerating and cooling, fabric trim, voyage control, programmed on/off headlights and vanity reflect lights Infotainment: 6.2-inch shading touchscreen with Bluetooth telephone and sound gushing and USB input Choices Fitted: 7.0-inch shading touchscreen with advanced radio, ToyotaLink applications network and satellite route ($700) Satellite route with computerized radio and a 7.0-inch touchscreen has quite recently been added to the Camry Altise alternatives list. It came fitted to our test auto for just $700 and merits including given the bigger touchscreen (up from a 6.2-inch unit) is as simple to use as the extensive, clear catches encompassing it.

Generally this section level car is as basic inside as its basically shoddy sticker price would show.

The manual air-con blows exceptionally icy, and the halogen headlights blast splendid during the evening when high-bar is on. It will enthusiasm to check whether future, completely foreign made Camrys can coordinate these measures for what has for quite some time been Australian-made staple characteristics.

2017 Toyota Camy Altise ASV50R Interior

Other family-auto highlights incorporate remarkably wide and open to seating front and back. A purchaser would need to climb to a Holden Commodore Evoke – in like manner not yearn for this world – to discover more liberal seating and space in a vehicle.

The Camry might not have the sexiest, or efficiently slipperiest, shape among traveler vehicles, however it gives immense headroom both front and back to coordinate the tremendous measure of legroom. Just shoulder width feels crushed, and still, after all that exclusive in contrast with a Commodore.

Storage room is among the most abundant of any new vehicle, with enormous container holders in every entryway, vast front cupholders, a colossal glovebox, a monster stockpiling pocket underneath the air-con controls and a comparably sizeable focus reassure box.

The boot is a gigantic, square hole also, despite the fact that the gear pounding “gooseneck” bootlid pivots are disappointingly dated.

2017 Toyota Camy Altise ASV50R Interior

The four-year-old plan additionally falls behind all opponents with respect to nature of lodge materials, and a few territories of fit and wrap up. Entryway trims completed totally in dim, hard plastics might be anything but difficult to clean, yet notwithstanding at the cost they look as dated and dreary as the fake-plastic sewing on the rubbery dashboard.

Apparently, the Camry Altise feels modest on the grounds that it is shabby. Similarly, be that as it may, the $3500 additional spend to an Altima ST or Liberty 2.5i appears like great incentive for the lift in inside vibe alone. The cutting edge Toyota can’t come soon enough for the individuals who get a kick out of the chance to make the most of their surroundings past extending on strong seats.

2017 Toyota Camy Altise ASV50R  – On The Road

Motor: 133kW/231Nm 2.5 4cyl petrol

Transmission: six-speed programmed, FWD

Suspension: MacPherson strut front and autonomous back

Brake: ventilated front and strong back plate brakes

Directing: using pressurized water helped mechanical guiding

Load Volume: 515 liters

Regardless of offering a gigantic measure of space inside, the Camry Altise just weighs 1465kg. Think about that as a correspondingly estimated and similarly evaluated, however all-wheel drive Toyota RAV4 GX medium SUV weighs 1590kg using practically the same 2.5-liter four-chamber motor, and it turns out to be clear which will be the more proficient choice.

2017 Toyota Camy Altise ASV50R Engine

The Camry cases to drink 7.9 liters of petrol for every 100 kilometers; the RAV4 requires 8.5L/100km in the same consolidated cycle utilization test.

For execution the Toyota is shockingly solid. The six-speed programmed can be excessively enthusiastic, making it impossible to snatch taller riggings and lower revs, just to be compelled to chase go down the bind to the inconvenience of driveability, however the 2.5-liter itself is more than respectable.

The figures are normal – 131kW of force at 6000rpm and 231Nm of torque at 4100rpm – however by one means or another the Altise figures out how to feel superior to anything those numbers would show out and about. It can get to be distinctly boisterous when squeezed, yet the gravelly solid it makes isn’t disagreeable.

It’s certainly satisfying to see sensible, 60-viewpoint 16-inch Michelin tires on this Camry Altise, as opposed to the position of safety elastic and games suspension unnecessarily accessible on more costly models, for example, the Atara SX and SL.

The Toyota body is not the most progressively insightful, so alleviating ride quality ostensibly ought to be the need. Shockingly, however, this Camry remains too firm and at times jiggly, when all signs are it ought to be extravagant and spoiling.

A noteworthy upside is the Altise never feels wallowy or delicate, and the easy way it dispatches with hindrances and unpleasant nation streets just further strengthens the insight of purchasing an Australian-tuned display with rotund tires.

Similarly, it feels just as the stage of this four-year-old model is basically demonstrating its age, given it battles all the while give solace and control similarly, for instance, a Commodore Evoke can.

Coarse-chip streets show up a shocking measure of street clamor and the directing – finish with larger than usual wheel – feels both free on the inside position and massive while exploring city roads.

For all its absence of clean, however, there is nothing to detest significantly about the way this Camry drives. It is proficient and tough, and as equipped generally speaking as its on-test blended condition 10.0L/100km fuel utilization result.


ANCAP rating: 5-Stars – the Toyota Camry go scored 36.27 out of 37 conceivable focuses when tried by ANCAP in 2013.

Wellbeing Features: Dual front, front-side, full-length shade and driver’s knee airbags, ABS and ESC and back view camera


Guarantee: Three years/100,000km

Adjusting: Below-standard nine-month or 10,000km interims, yet in any event the Toyota Service Advantage topped value program is modest, at $140 each for the initial six checks until 45 months or 75,000km.


An Octavia is smaller and noisier, however more astute and all the more completely included. The Altima and Liberty are as normal as the Camry to drive and also large inside, yet every offer all the more completely included lodges … with a more full sticker price to coordinate.

Nissan Altima ST

Skoda Octavia Ambition

Subaru Liberty 2.5i

2017 Toyota Camy Altise ASV50R – Overall

Toyota’s Camry has since quite a while ago copped feedback for being insipid and fundamental, yet in all actuality this unassuming car is much more agreeable than many overrated and underdone medium (and premium) SUV models.

2017 Toyota Camy Altise ASV50R
2017 Toyota Camy Altise ASV50R

This passage level model keeps on having its needs all around sorted, with a gutsy motor, colossal lodge, immeasurable capacity and straightforward ergonomics, all conveyed requiring little to no effort. Such ideals are executed so well that the Altise is ostensibly the pick of whole the Camry litter.

In the event that the following model – due for worldwide uncover in January – can mix such temperances with a noteworthy inspire in lodge quality, suspension refinement and directing precision, then it could extend this medium Toyota vehicle’s allure past a fundamental level.

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